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Family & Values Week

SEAL Project


From this point onwards, students will achieve one grade for SEAL each term. For term 2, this grade will relate to the theme they´ve studied during weeks 1-6, “Getting on and falling out”. For a bonus “participation” grade, students will have the opportunity to complete the attached activity booklet relating to our Family and Values Week.

 General Instructions:

This project has been created to reinforce the philosophy of this week: To celebrate and promote the connections that support and strengthen families and our school community.

 The attached activity booklet will be assessed by the Homeroom teacher. Some activities will be reviewed and discussed in class, but students will have a time frame of three weeks to complete the booklet. The final deadline will be Friday, 17th August.  The activities within the booklet will correspond to the following learning objectives (LO):

 1. Fact file

LO: to recognise the many characteristics of our family members

 2. The best thing that happened to me

LO: to promote assertive communication

 3. Jobs and responsibilities

LO: to build cooperation

 4. My dream home (chart) + Drawing

LO: to encourage a harmonious environment

 5. Missions

LO: These are activities that the student has to do throughout this week with family members. In order to create a memory and share the experience with the class group, it will be necessary to provide a printed picture of the student and the family doing at least two of the following activities:

  • Cooking a meal
  • Watching a movie at home with the family (don´t forget the popcorns!)
  • Doing an outdoor activity
  • Reading a story
  • Visiting a member of the family (grandma, uncle/aunt, cousins, or any other)

The more missions you achieve, the better the family experience – guaranteed!

 IMPORTANT: Old pictures of past experiences shouldn´t be included. Please take advantage of this project and enjoy these precious moments with your loved ones. For further questions, please contact your respective Homeroom teacher.