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Why Uniforms?

Students always wonder why they have to use uniforms. We need to remind them it is a school policy. Further more, here are some reason why this is also a good school policy.

First of all, uniforms project an atmosphere of uniformity, pride, loyalty, and equality among the student population.

It provides for a more businesslike approach to learning, removing some of the distractions normally confronted when children face the dilemma of possessing the latest designer fashions, or the latest fad sweeping the nation at any given time.

School uniforms also tend to involve students more, to make them a part of a "team" at the school. This is not so much as to erase their individuality, but to include everyone on the same level as far as image and dress is concerned. 
The use of uniforms at school, as opposed to the latest fashions, also may help the child avoid ridicule, embarrassment, or abuse from others over the 'have and have-not' stigma.

Uniforms assist in avoiding such conflicts by removing the chance for confrontation over clothing, at least during the child's at-school time.

• Reduce peer pressure (competition) 
• Increase school pride 
• Gear focus more to learning 
• Assist in discipline problems 
• Create a more work-like atmosphere 
• Less distractions 
• Less expenses
Students are required to arrive and leave school in complete uniform. It must be worn tidily and correctly. .

Boys: Students must wear white short-sleeved polo shirts with the school logo on the left pocket, long grey pants, black belts, white socks, black shoes and the school’s blue jacket.
Every Monday they will wear white long-sleeved shirts, a grey tie, the school blue jacket.
Note: Boys will wear the school’s blue jacket every day. It must be marked with their names to avoid losing it.
Belt must be black with plain buckle.
Girls: Students must wear grey skirts at knee length or lower, white short-sleeved polo shirts with the school logo on the left pocket, a grey bow tie, white socks, black shoes and the school pin.

House System uniform:
There is a House System uniform students can wear in special occasions. They must wear their House System T-Shirt with blue jeans and sneakers or tennis shoes
Students’ shirts and polo shirts are always to be worn tucked into pants and skirts. 
Damaged uniforms need to be repaired promptly.

Students ID badge 
Students must wear this ID badge at all times while they are on the school premises. ID badges will be worn by all students from the time of arrival to departure of the school campus. During physical exercise the badge may be removed for safekeeping. Upon the ending of physical exercise the badge will be worn.
The wearing of the badge will be treated as part of the normal dress attire of TOS students, and will be handled in a manner similar to the TOS dress code.
The ID badge will be worn visibly, suspended from a lanyard around the student’s neck or clipped to the collar on the front of the student’s body. 
If a student has their badge but it is not visible, the student will ensure their badge is visible and will receive a verbal warming. The verbal warning will document non-compliance and the student will receive the consequence according to this behavior policy.. 
The ID badge and lanyard must remain free of stickers, pins or any graffiti.

Students’ hair
A student’s hair must be kept clean and tidy at all times. Students must have normal and adequate haircuts that are appropriate for maintaining standards. Extreme haircuts such as shaved heads and weird designs or colors etc. will not be allowed.
For boys the length of the hair should not be shorter than a “number 2” razor cut. Hair should not be touching the shirt collar and should be off the face or forehead. The fringe when straightened /combed down must not hang in the eyes. Ears should be visible at all times.
The style of the hair should not be extreme including but not limited to mohawk, afro, shaved styles and/or patterns, hair tied up, pony tail and braided.
The colour must be the student’s own natural colour; no dye nor highlights are allowed.
For girls hair is to be neat and in conventional style and the colour must be the student’s own natural colour; no dye nor highlights are allowed.
Boys are to be clean shaven at all times

Shoes and Socks: 
Students must wear black traditional school shoes. (No boots, sport shoes, tennis shoes, bowling shoes, croc type shoes, slip.ons or raised heels). 
For girls black traditional school shoes or dolly shoes. No sandals, open in front shoes, or high heels (no more than once inch heels).
Socks must be white crew socks (two inches above the ankle bone high).
Socks must not show any brand, logo or colour stripes on them.

Accessories, jewelry, trimmings or inadequate clothing are not permitted in school. 
Students´ earrings, one ring and a watch are permitted in school. Bracelets, necklaces and ankle bracelets are not permitted. Pierced ears are (acceptable one hole in each ear) but earrings and piercings in other parts of the body will not be allowed.
For boys, no earringsHoodies or sweatshirts are not to be worn at any time. A plain white long sleeved t-shirt may be worn underneath the rugby top for warmth. Make up, including coloured nail polish, is not permitted to be worn with school uniform, including foundation, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara
No colored nail polish is to be worn to school
Hair ties, clips, ribbons and scrunchies must be black, blue, grey or white. Black traditional school shoes. No sneakers, no bowling shoes.