The Oxford School History

Founded in 1984, The Oxford School has played an important part in Panama’s progress. As a Cambridge International School and pioneers of British education, our programme is used by more than 3,000 students from Preschool to Secondary in four different regions of the country, all in a progressive, multicultural and innovative environment. Pioneers of British education in Panama; The Oxford School offers a programme of international excellence.

Mr. Malcolm Griggs, Headteacher

Our Vision

As pioneers in contemporary educational systems and planning, The Oxford School will be in the vanguard of educational, technological and cultural development on a global level. We will expand our reach to serve as an academic benchmark and dedicate our resources to raising academic standards around the world. We will respond to the needs of change and promote continuing education so that our students will always be prepared..

Our Mission

The Oxford School is committed to the fulfilment of the goals of Early Years Foundation Stage programme – The Cambridge Primary Programme –The Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme and –The University of Cambridge International Examinations programme, dynamic programmes of international relevance and recognition. We educate students of all backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and abilities to pursue academic excellence in an environment of understanding, cooperation, tolerance and constant effort.

Our Schools

Our schools offer the highest standards of education in Panama. Preparing students to be global citizens. We foster diversity and long term learning, so that individuals will always be prepare.

The Oxford School Panama

Urbanización Edison Park, Transístmica
Telf. 321-3800/01

The Oxford School Azuero

Calle Sergio González Ruíz,
Villa de Los Santos (entrando por la calle de los bomberos)
Telf. 923-0803/04

The Oxford School Santiago

Nuevo Santiago, Vía Interamericana
Telf. 999-3833/34

The Oxford School Chiriquí

Urbanización La Perla, Vía Boquete, David
Telf. 730-7259/65

The Oxford School Pedasi

Av.Dr.Belisario Porras, Pedasi
Telf. 6491-0096