Curriculum frameworks

Curriculum frameworks are available for each subject. The frameworks provide a comprehensive set of learning objectives detailing what the learner should know and what they should be able to do on completing each year (stage) of the programme. Each subject is divided into different content areas called strands and each strand is further divided into different areas called sub-strands. The curriculum frameworks have been updated with codes to represent each strand and sub-strand.

Primary English Curriculum Framework for Checkpoint tests in 2015–2017
Primary English Curriculum Framework for Checkpoint tests from 2018
Primary Maths Curriculum Framework
Primary Science Curriculum Framework
Primary English as a Second Language Curriculum Framework


Teacher guides

Teacher guides are available for each subject. They make suggestions about how to approach the implementation and delivery of Cambridge Primary in your school. The guides include advice and guidance on teaching strategies and assessment.

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English as a Second Language


Schemes of work

There are suggested schemes of work to help you to plan your teaching with Cambridge Primary. The schemes of work cover all the learning objectives in the curriculum frameworks, providing a suggested teaching order as well as sample activities. Each stage is split into a number of units, which can be used as a starting point for producing lesson plans. You can use the activities as suggested or adapt the material to suit your local circumstances and resources.

English: The Schemes of Work for English are divided into nine Units for each Stage. It is intended that three Units will be taught each term, covering fiction, non-fiction and poetry and plays. Within a term, the Units can be taught in any order but the work in a later term assumes that the previous term's Units have already been taught.

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1st Grade 

 2nd Grade

  English Stage 1

 Mathematics Stage 1

 Science Stage 1

 English Stage 2

Mathematics Stage 2

 Science Stage 2

 English Stage 3

 Mathematics Stage 3

 Science Stage 3


 3rd Grade

4th Grade 

 5th Grade

 English Stage 4

 Mathematics Stage 4

 Science Stage 4

English Stage 5

Mathematics Stage 5

 Science Stage 5

 English Stage 6

Mathematics Stage 6

 Science Stage 6


Planning templates

Details of how to use these templates can be found in section 2 of the teacher guides.

Short-term planning  (lesson plans)
Medium-term planning (Term plans)
Long-term planning (curriculum maps)


Cambridge Primary Progression Tests

Progression tests are available in English, English as a Second Language, Mathematics and Science for stages 3 to 6.

These optional tests can be used with your learners whenever you feel it is appropriate, but because they assess learning objectives from an entire stage, they are best used once teaching is complete. We advise that they are used while there is sufficient time remaining for learners to engage with feedback and consolidate the year's work.

The tests are marked by you at your school. We provide full mark schemes and marking guidance for this.

The tests and mark schemes will be downloaded by your Curriculum Coodinator. 

For more information about the progression tests, see the  Guide to Cambridge Primary Progression Tests.