Our Students

We offer to our students a variety of activities that allows them to develop their talents, interpersonal and leadership skills.

Debate Club

Our Debate Club participates in interscholastic activities at the National and international level such as the National Congress for Excellence (NCE) sponsored by The Oxford School and Hacia Democracy sponsored by Harvard University.
These activities promote the exchange of ideas that help students to develop critical thinking skills


At The Oxford School we practice different kinds of Sports as a way to offer our students the opportunity to perform a variety of physical activities. We believe that through sports we promote values of healthy competition and teamwork.


Every year we present a play taken from classical Theater of Pantomime. Such as: The Lion King, Shrek, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin. Our theater production develops the artistic abilities of our students, teachers and staff and strengthens teamwork.

Multicultural Festival

Once a year we celebrate the Multicultural Festival through which we pay tribute to the cultural diversity of Panama and The Oxford School.
Students from Preschool to Secondary represent a country and perform onstage presentations of traditional dances.

Leadership camp

In order to develop leadership abilities, 9 and 11 grade students enroll in a weekend leadership camp that equips them with communication skills and character development skills.