Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

We are a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education, part of the University of Cambridge.  Through Cambridge International´s programme we prepare students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.
The Cambridge Pathway gives students a clear path for educational success.  We shape its curriculum around how our students learn-with a wide range of subjects and flexible ways to offer them.  The Cambridge Pathway helps students discover new abilities and a wider world, and gives them the skills they need for life, so they can achieve at school, university and work.

Oxford School Preschool

The Oxford School Preschool Programme starts at the age of 2, from that moment all classes are taught in English. It covers three principal areas: communication and language development, physical and personal development, social and emotional development. Other areas that reinforce these developments are those of literacy, mathematics and art.


During this new stage of learning, students acquire a more profound knowledge of the language and develop their abilities as well as their academic and social skills. Information technology and new trends in teaching methodology are a crucial part of our programme at this level, interactive whiteboards, Ipads, custom-made software and internet applications are used extensively across the curriculum


In Secondary, we offer our students bachelor diplomas in Science and Arts, Science and Commerce. In addition to their local diplomas students take the Cambridge International Examinations, recognized in more than 160 countries. These standardized tests culminate the process they started n Primary and lead them to earn diplomas such as IGCSE (International Certificate of Secondary Education) and AS an A Level examinations known as the highest point of recognition of British education. These diplomas provide students with an education of international level, which gives them a competitive advantage when applying to local and foreign universities.

Psychology Dpt. and Special Needs Centre

The Oxford School is an inclusive School. Education is a democratic process and, as a result, it is our responsibility to attend all children, with talents and handicaps, from all cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. It is our duty to attend diversity and to make revisions in the learning process so that all children can learn. Our Resource Centre is managed by experts in educational psychology and supported by qualified staff and teachers.

Afterschool Programme

The Afterschool programme generates a positive Outcome for children, because it helps them to develop interpersonal skills and good classroom behavior.

House System

At The Oxford School we believe that a value based education is important for the essential development of each individual. For this reason, we have developed a valued based House System, where each student belongs to one of four houses. As member of their house, they participate in activities that foster values of companionship, leadership, teamwork and social responsibility.