Teaching and Learning

We use contemporary teaching and learning methodologies, which allow our students to be active participants in the learning process. We ensure that lessons are well structured so that students start learning new concepts by drawing on what they know. This supports the learning process and it also makes students more confident that they are able to achieve the learning outcome. Self-esteem and confidence are a major factor that impacts on the learning process.

We prepare our teachers to plan their lessons with a sense of direction and progression in relation to the skills within our programmes. We emphasise the use of active learning strategies such as visual, auditory, kinesthetic, questioning and modelling, so that students make connections and are involved in the learning process. We prepare our students to develop the necessary skills to become independent learners, therefore incorporate elements of independent work where they can apply what they have learnt in each session. The awareness of articulating what has been learnt allows students to develop skills to become lifelong learners. Through the use of plenaries at the end of the lesson, we encourage students to reflect on areas so that they can celebrate their success as well as identify areas to develop.

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