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In Primary students are exposed to a range of subjects to broaden their knowledge and skills. From Kinder to Grade 5, we draw on the Primary Cambridge International Examinations curriculum for English, Mathematics, Science and ICT.

Two English programs are offered in parallel depending on the proficiency of the English Language. The first language program focuses on mainly reading and writing. However, we appreciate that in reality for many of our students English is a second or third language. The English as a second language program allows students to become more proficient with the English language by developing skills in: speaking, listening, vocabulary, reading and writing.

The Mathematics program has a holistic approach where over the course of the year students are exposed to:
• Number and problem solving
• Geometry and problem solving
• Handling data and problem solving
• Measure and problem solving

Each term 3 strands are taught; there is a strong correlation between the progression of skills at each stage. Therefore, the structure of the program allows students to consistently build on their skills and the using and applying of mathematical skills is embedded into the program.

The Science program consists of six topics and each term two topics are taught in depth. Over the academic year students are exposed to Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Scientific vocabulary and scientific enquiry is rooted into each topic; this allows our students to gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.

The Cambridge Schemes of Work for English, Mathematics and Science incorporates a range of teaching methodologies and allows our students to make steady progress with broadening and refining skills.

Alongside the core subjects, attention is given to the Arts and the social, emotional aspects of learning. We work on developing the whole student, therefore precedence is given to creating a positive learning environment where the achievement of our students is celebrated.

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