Mission and Vision


Committed to providing the best education in Panama.

The Oxford School is committed to the fulfillment of the goals of the Early Years Foundation Programme, The Cambridge Primary Programme, The Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme and The Cambridge Assessment International Education Programme, dynamic programmes of international relevance and recognition. We educate students of all backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and abilities to pursue academic excellence in an environment of understanding, cooperation, tolerance and constant effort.


Where we are headed

As pioneers in contemporary educational systems and planning, The Oxford School will be in the vanguard of educational, technological and cultural development on a global level. We will expand our reach to serve as an academic benchmark and dedicate our resources to raising academic standards around the world. We will respond to the needs of change and promote continuing education so that our students will always be prepared.


Our school pilars include:

best education in panama

Team Work

Is embedded in our curriculum and House System. We understand that working collaboratively is a life skill and students need to work towards becoming individuals with critical awareness and empathy for those around them.

best education in panama


As crossroads of the Americas, Panama encompasses an important amount of ethnic groups, religions and cultures that make us who we are as a country and this characteristic is valued and celebrated in our school. We believe that all individuals should develop their abilities regardless of their backgrounds and that diversity enriches the individual and the environment in which he works and lives.

best education in panama


Pioneering has been a trait of our school since day one. As part of our organizational culture, we have promoted innovation by the means of technological advances which we incorporated to our educational programmes.

best education in panama


Our programme is inclusive across the curriculum, offering all pupils the chance to succeed. We take into consideration, student’s individual needs so that they can achieve to the best of their potential.

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