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A message from the headteacher

The Oxford School, the pioneers of British education, have been providing an international educational service in Panama for over 35 years. We are committed to the fulfillment of the goals of the National Curriculum of England and Cambridge International Examinations, both internationally renowned educational tools. The exposure to a broad range of knowledge and skills across the curriculum prepare our students to participate at a national and international platform. The curriculum we offer is dynamic and is based around students mastering skills and knowledge so that they can draw on it in the future.
The Oxford School provides a holistic educational program for students from Pre-Kinder to Grade 12. As students pass through the different grades, there is an emphasis on students to build on previous learnt skills to make sense of new learning. The curriculum we offer allows students to master skills as it follows a spiral approach. Being able to build on what they know, ensures that our teachers can identify misconceptions and address our students’ needs.

At The Oxford School, we understand the importance of having a rich and varied curriculum, however, at the same time we realise that we need to give heed to the learning process.

We want to empower our students so that they are not only successful with learning within our institution but they also develop the skills and knowledge to become lifelong learners. Using Assessment for Learning techniques, allows our students to have more ownership of the learning process and encourages our students to become reflective and develop metacognitive skills. We strive for students to be active participants in the classroom and develop independent learning skills.
The recent implementation of subjects such as Global Perspectives broadens our students´ horizon to being global citizens. The skills-based subject, exposes our students to current global topics and how it impacts on them on a personal, local and global level. This cross curricular subject allows students to apply their skills in a real-life context, this is in turn makes the learning more relevant and meaningful.
We aim to continue to build upon the success The Oxford School has already achieved and let me assure you that our students´ happiness and academic progress is the driving factor of our mission to provide excellence for all.

We look forward to meeting future parents and students so that we can work collaboratively to ensure that our students are well equipped to compete at a national and international platform

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