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The Oxford School, the pioneers of British education in Panama. We are a prestigious educational institution providing an international educational service in Panama for over 38 years, with five branches across the nation. We are committed to the fulfillment of the goals of the National Curriculum of England and Cambridge International Examinations, both internationally renowned educational tools.

The Oxford School provides a holistic educational program for students from PreKinder to Grade Twelve. As students pass through the different grades, there is an emphasis on building on previous learning , making connections and drawing on this to make sense of new learning. Being able to build on prerequisite skills, ensures that our teachers can identify misconceptions and address our students´ needs. Along with a rich and varied curriculum, we pay close attention to the learning process and empower our students to have an active role and collaborate to create environments that are conducive to learning.

We understand that learning is a lifelong skill, which takes place constantly and continuously. We use methodologies such as Assessment for Learning, to ensure our students participate, reflect and develop the skills to work both collaboratively and independently in order to develop a better understanding of themselves as a learner.

Students at The Oxford School are responsible, reflective, confident, creative and motivated, always working towards being the best individuals they can be.

Our curriculum, daily routines and extracurricular programmes are centered around developing the whole student in an environment that is both nurturing and challenging. We offer an array of organizations and clubs, which allow our students to: critically discuss , broaden general knowledge, collaborate, communicate, compete and develop leadership skills. Debate Club, Drama Club, My World and our Media and Press Club offer purposeful experiences to our student body, allowing them to make positive contributions to the local community and become well informed individuals, who draw on their academic skills and soft skills to make a positive difference. Additionally we offer a range of sports, art clubs and robotics to ensure that students are exposed to a variety of disciplines and have the opportunity to find and follow their passions.

As a British international school, we prepare our students to be global citizens, able to adequately respond and lead at national and international platforms. Achieving international qualifications is a fundamental component of The Oxford School’s mission and each year our students achieve IGCSE, AS and A level qualifications. They are not only a token of the rigorous, relevant curriculum we offer, but also a stepping stone into higher education and employment opportunities at a global level.

The Oxford School is a diverse, inclusive community. Our students’ academic progress, happiness and wellbeing is our priority. We invite you to find out more about what it means to be part of The Oxford School community and we look forward to seeing you soon.

We look forward to meeting future parents and students so that we can work collaboratively to ensure that our students are well equipped to compete at a national and international platform

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