House System


Foundation of discipline and team work

We aim to prepare wholesome students capable of leadership abilities and ready to face the challenges of a globalize world.

We created the House System, a values in action program. The purpose of this system is to reinforce universal values such as: responsibility, honesty and courage. This structure helps to strengthen the importance of collaboration and teamwork. It also supports with stimulating leadership attributes amongst our students.


The House System is based on four houses, each one
identifies a particular seal. These houses are:


Lion Heart



The House System is an important feature of the Oxford School life. It develops a sense of competition, motivating students to constantly improve their work efforts and their behaviour by means of a points system. This builds a foundation of discipline and values. Students achieve a notion of loyalty to their own House and compete objectively, realising that the responsibility is on each and every one of them as individuals and as a team.

Students receive points according to their good behaviour and work which help their group to succeed.

In this way, they learn that effort is rewarded and makes them work harder and respect class and school rules. This complies with the Mission of The Oxford School.

Among all the activities involved in this system, students compete with one another at sports, academic and other activities, thus providing a focus for team work. Participation in House System activities varies across each school department according to the student´s developmental stage requirements. It contributes to excellence and promotes cultural and social exchanges among our school community and also within communities across Panama.

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