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Providing opportunities
for each student

The Oxford School considers that children’s development should be achieved integrally, providing opportunities for each student to expand their talents and potential. We offer services to meet a variety of academic needs as well as complementary activities to awaken their personal interests.


Activities for children from 12:15 to 5:30pm

This is a service offered by the school for Preschool parents that do not have someone to take care of their children after school hours. The After School Programme has activities such as: painting, arts & crafts, singing, playground time, and so on. These activities allow children to develop their talents and abilities. The Programme is offered from 12:15 to 5:30 pm and it includes lunch and snacks. For further information please refer to the Administration or the Preschool Teachers.


Let’s win national competitions with our champs

A number of sports recruit students every year including soccer, basketball, american football, flag football and swimming. These teams meet and practice after school hours and participate in a number of interscholastic, national or international, competitions. Our Physical Education Department and its teachers work hard to promote these activities, being able to develop these skills in our students and detecting those with particular talents


Awaken and develop critical thinking skills

This is a programme that complements our Primary and Secondary students in order to develop conversational skills and prepare them to cope with formal discussions on a particular topic. The goals of this training programme are: to awaken and develop each student´s critical thinking skills towards topics that relate to our society; to develop tolerance towards other people´s thoughts and beliefs; to respect and value other people´s opinions; to improve speaking and writing skills. Sessions are held on a weekly basis. No extra cost required. For further information refer to your respective Homeroom Teacher.


Diverse activities for the most unique minds

An extracurricular programme of clubs is offered to students on a weekly basis in conjunction with the Parent´s Association. Students and their parents can select among a variety of activities that meet their interests and preferences. These activities are developed in school after school hours with certified trainers in the different categories, such as: taekwondo, robotics, dance, brazilian jiu-jitsu, art, mental maths, gymnastics, chess, and others. Extra costs apply. For further information, please contact the Parent´s Association office.


Creative thinking for the curious minds

An after school programme coordinated in conjunction with the Parent´s Association that introduces students from early stages to robotics and programming concepts, challenging them with problem-solving, creativity and thinking skills. Participants use a number of soft and hard STEM skills reinforcing their math, coding and engineering abilities. This club targets students at almost every age group and prepares them to be competitive at a national and international level.


Modern methods in language learning

Learning a new language develops memory skills, increases creativity and provides endless professional opportunities. Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world. The Oxford School is an extension of the Confucio Institute in Panama. This provides our students with the opportunity to receive mandarin lessons delivered by native teachers. Clubs are coordinated in conjunction with the Parents Association and offered after school hours to children between primary and secondary stages.

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